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A lot of people ask: “How did you end up in Stony Brook?”
He answers: “Life.”

Christophe has been in the food and wine industries forever. Born in France to a butcher father, he attended one of the most prestigious hospitalities/culinary schools of France at the time – “Thonon-Les-Bains.”

He worked in France, Switzerland, England, and St. Barts, and arrived in the United States in 1992 to open the first “Daniel” Boulud Restaurant. He would then work for Claude Troisgros and La Cote Basque before opening several successful restaurants of his own.

After selling these, he started as a wine sales consultant, bringing his knowledge, service, and years of experience to the wine industry, followed by importing his own selected wines for distribution to the New York restaurant market.

Also, being in the field every day, he knew that he could create a wine boutique unlike any other – THE WINE BOUTIQUE.
“Lake Side Emotions” is operated not on the basis of wine trends and reviews but on excellence. With a combination of great wines and all of Christophe’s years of service perfection and attention he is able to give the “Lake Side Emotions” patrons a really distinctive experience.

Christophe is more like a “Wine Concierge”: accommodating every one of your requests and giving you wines for your own taste satisfaction.

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