Terroir? And Its Wine…

Terroir? And Its Wine ……. Terroir means climate, soil, more generally all the environment where the wine grapes are grown and is reflected in the characteristics of the wine as a result. Or at least, it should be. Why? Because each individual wine must tell its own individual story and have its very own identity. Read More »

A Witness’ Observation…

A witness’ observation: Here at Lake Side Emotions, there were more purchases of red wine than of Champagne for Valentine’s Day… And many of the purchasers were carrying gift bags full of chocolate! What do we think about pairing red wine with chocolate? Some put this association out there as a business “motto,” but – Read More »

Wines – A Glass or the Bottle?

Wines – A glass or the bottle? My reflection is: Aren’t wines made to be enjoyed?  Shouldn’t it feel great to drink the wine? Allow me to explain! A bottle of wine is intended to be opened and consumed and never was made to be kept open for few days.  This is due partly to the Read More »

“Wine Expertise Genetic”

Every month we will talk about a topic which is important to us and reflect our approach to this overly pretentious wine world. For our first post something that we believed forever. “Wine Expertise Genetic” “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.”                                                                           by Hindu Prince Read More »

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