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  • Champagne Emotions Package


    This Package consists of 3 bottles of small grower Champagne.

    We will select for you one champagne of every grape allowed in Champagne (Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier & Pinot Noir). 

    Enjoy yourself with the best drink from Earth. 

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  • Emotions Package


    This package consists of 12 bottles.

    This package is to indulge yourself...

    Let us know now what you want: white, reds or both. Style...

    And we will customize it to your preferences.

    Just sit and enjoy!



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  • Enthusiastic Package


    This package will comport 12 bottles. 6 white and red wines crafted to your preference profile. Or otherwise, customized from the result of your assessment package (only white or red). This package is for you to experience different varieties of wines (Grape, Region etc). But all based on your preference profile.

    Now, we hope you enjoy them all. BUT if by any means, one of these doesn't suit your preference, please get back to us via email that we sent you containing the list of these wines. We will then contact you back to decerned why (flavor, consistence etc). This will be an additional step to refine your palate profile.

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  • Assessment Package


    The package consists of 6 bottles of white and red wines. Each with a different characteristic.

    This level will be very determinant and will require some intensive work from you... You are going to have to drink them all. When this hard work is achieved, we will ask you to answer our email from [email protected] with all of the wines that you received and just tell us which of these 12 wines did you like best or like the least. Then we will be able to assess your preference profile.

    You will now be ready for your next level package with more wines of your preference profile.

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  • Rewards Package


    Receive 15% OFF all future orders for life.

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